This complete screen copy unit with drying cabinet is meant for the exact, even exposure and drying of stencils with different frame profile. The hot air drying cabinet, as circulating air unit, has been designed for horizontal and even drying. Special sizes on request.

Technical data:

Power1500 W, 3500 W oder 5500 W
Standard versionComplete unit, ready for use (dismantled for transport).
Equipped with 1 MH-Instant Copy Lamp AKTICOP 1500 S, 3500 S or 5500 S.
Stable copy frame with highly flexible rubber blanket.
Float glass pane. Gas loaden springs on both sides.
Screen drying cabinet with 5 drawers.
Mobile operating desk, vacuum pump 3 m³, vacuum gauge.
Hanging device with UV resistant curtain.
FeaturesLight Integrator AKTITRON S16E with photo cell, UV filter, 15 programs and 1 vacuum program, measurement of UV intensity.
Additional yellow lamp inside with automatic start, 18 W.
Automatic exposure with vacuum switch starting at 40%.
Units from size 130 x 160 cm standardly equipped with 6 m³ vacuum pump.
Drying cabinet: completely made of steel, 5 drawers on ball bearings, 80 mm high, with each 5 single screen supports, adjustable, ¾ pull-out capacity.
Temperature control with thermostat max. 60°C.
ColourRAL 5002, blue
Manual instructionGerman or English
Article No.Description
KA00840CSCREEN COPY AND DRYING UNIT 60 x 80 cm – 1500 S / 230 V
(max. screen size 40 x 60 cm)
KA00841ASCREEN COPY AND DRYING UNIT 90 x 110 cm – 3500 S / 400 V
(max. screen size 70 x 90 cm)
KA00842ASCREEN COPY AND DRYING UNIT 110 x 130 cm – 3500 S / 400 V
(max. screen size 90 x 110 cm)
KA00843ASCREEN COPY AND DRYING UNIT 130 x 160 cm – 3500 S / 400 V
(max. screen size 110 x 140 cm)
KA00844BSCREEN COPY AND DRYING ‚UNIT 160 x 190 cm – 5500 S / 400 V
(max. screen size 140 x 170 cm)
KA00840-50Transformer for different main power supply / 3500 S
KA00840-51Transformer for different main power supply / 5500 S
7095013Colour if different from RAL 5002 (e.g. white, RAL 1013)
KA00840-98Packing overland freight
KA00840-99Packing sea freight