This hot air drying cabinet as circulating air unit has been designed for the horizontal and even drying of stencils.
Special sizes on request

Technical data:

Standard versionSolid unit completely made of steel, casing electrolytically galvanized.
5 drawers on ball bearings, 80 mm high, ¾ pull out capacity.
5 variable screen supports for each drawers, adjustable.
Temperature control with thermostat max. 60°C, high-power heating bars.
Low noise ventilator.
Fresh air intake with filter, slide gate for exhaust air.
Besondere MerkmaleVery good drying results.
High constancy of drying.
ColourRAL 5002, blue
Manual instructionGerman or English
Article No.Description
ST00982SCREEN DRYING CABINET 40 x 60 cm (max. screen size) – 2 kW / 230 V
ST00983SCREEN DRYING CABINET 70 x 90 cm (max. screen size) – 2 kW / 400 V
ST00984SCREEN DRYING CABINET 90 x 110 cm (max. screen size) – 3 kW / 400 V
ST00985SCREEN DRYING CABINET 110 x 140 cm (max. screen size) – 3 kW / 400 V
ST00986SCREEN DRYING CABINET 140 x 170 cm (max. screen size) – 4 kW / 400 V
ST00982-50Transformer for different main power supply
7095008Colour if different from RAL 5002 (e.g. white, RAL 1013)
ST00982-98Packing overland freight
ST00982-99Packing sea freight

Options (on request)

  • Casing with double isolation
  • 3 additional drawers (totally 8 instead of 5 drawers)
  • Exhaust air tube connection
Download product sheet (pdf)